The Making of NZ’s First Fly Fishing TV show

New Zealand, globally recognised as a fly fishing mecca, has never had a fly fishing TV series! It is a fact that almost defies belief. Fly fishing very occasionally pops up on mainstream New Zealand TV in fishing and travel shows, but there has never been a series solely dedicated to the fly fishing lifestyle. That is until now!

It has been a desire of mine to produce a fly fishing TV series for some time but they are enormous projects requiring substantial amounts of time and money. Luckily I met Dave Shaw, the man behind the highly successful The Hunters Club, we decided that a co-production using both of our media houses could work well. Pure Fly NZ was born.

We really didn’t want to make just another fishing show. Gin-Clear Media has always challenged conformity so it was only natural that we didn’t stick to the regular ‘single host’ formula that quickly become bland and tedious. Each episode is hosted by two different anglers each week, these guys are chosen because they experts in their fields be that backcountry trophy trout or kingfish on the flats.

Besides the unique content, what really sets Pure Fly NZ apart from any fishing series ever produced is the cinematic approach we are taking with the production. We will be making extensive use of aerial filming, underwater filming, super slow motion cameras, time-lapse photography and of course, the jaw dropping

The series screened in NZ on Sky Sports in September 2016. It was also broadcast on Sky channels in Spain and Italy as well as featuring on digital channels Fishing TV in the UK. It also screened on the inflight channel on Air NZ. Viewers from the US can view the first series on the Amazon Video Prime channel.

Keep up to date with the series – www.facebook.com/pureflynz