The RISE Festival and what it means to us

Gin-Clear Media is a multi-media company based in Te Anau, New Zealand, whose enterprises include leading feature films, websites, events and exhibitions. RISE is Gin-Clear Media’s 13th annual film festival, the festival tours to 65 cities in over 16 countries world-wide making it the most expansive festival of its kind and adding to its increasingly important influence in the fly fishing film genre. 

Our most enduring enterprise has been the creation of RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival, the first festival of its kind in the world. Since the very first show in Christchurch in 2006, RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival has been entertaining fly fishermen across the globe on an annual basis.

We live and breathe fly fishing. Being based in NZ enables us to work and play in one of the world’s most remarkable trout fisheries – a constant source of inspiration. As the business has grown we have expanded into overseas markets. We have developed a network of warehouses and representatives to bring our product closer to our new customers. We have warehouses in London, Los Angeles, Perth and NZ. 

We have been selling on-line for over 13 years and we realise that buying over the internet can be a scary experience for a new customer. Please read through our privacy, shipping and return policies, they have been designed to give you security until we have gained your trust and we stand by them. We also offer Paypal purchasing which has a high level of customer protection.

Meet the team

Nick Reygaert
Nick ReygaertMr. Gin-Clear Media
Nick is the man behind Gin-Clear Media. He is world renowned for producing some of the best fly fishing films of all time, e.g. the Trout Bum Diaries, and then his own films such as THE SOURCE Movies, HATCH, PREDATOR, LEVIATHAN and the BACKCOUNTRY films.

In 2006, Nick initiated the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival in New Zealand and Australia. He lives in a small town in New Zealand called Te Anau, where the magnificent fishing is a constant source of inspiration.

Jeff Foresee
Jeff ForeseeRISE NZ host
Jeff is an accomplished guide and angler who is based in the trout rich waters of Wanaka, in NZ’s South Island. He has dedicated his life to exploring the most coveted fisheries on the planet. His passion for the sport of fly fishing is tangible and as such he makes a great host for the NZ leg of the RISE Tour.
Sebastian Bremm and Thomas Schatzmann
Sebastian Bremm and Thomas SchatzmannEvent managers in AT & CH
Thomas and Sebastian from Secret River’s Fly Fishing have been part of the RISE team since 2016. They organize the RISE in Austria and Switzerland and also moderate shows. When not on the water, they sell fly fishing equipment via their online store. Their adventures take them from the “Secret River” in Austria into the wide world.
Ole Rogowski and Simon Stäblein
Ole Rogowski and Simon StäbleinEvent managers DE
Known for their fly fishing school FLYRUS, Ole and Simon also produce fly fishing films. In 2016, their first film was in the RISE, which was very well received by most of the guests due to its unconventional style. Ole and Simon live in Berlin and are responsible for organizing the festival in Germany.

Morten Huwyler
Morten HuwylerModerator and RISE Veteran
Morten (Mr McFly) is our main man in CH. In 2012 he toured Europe for over three weeks to conduct RISE shows. Since then, he has been hosting the show in Zurich year after year, which is also his hometown.
Patricio Churruarin
Patricio ChurruarinEvent Manager Argentina
Pato is our Event Manager in Latin America since 2015. A well known fly fisher in Argentina, Pato has retained the pure stoke of fly fishing and was a perfect fit to run our Latin American tours. When he is not traveling the world in pursuit of things with fins, he lives happily with his wife and daughter in Buenos Aires.
Pierre Monatte
Pierre MonatteRISE France
Pierre, is the event manager for the RISE France Tour. He has a passion for fly fishing and films. Pierre is an accomplished film maker in his own right and keeps the large French tour running like clockwork.
Carsten Dogs
Carsten DogsMentor
Organized the tour’s cinemas in the first year (2012) and then joined as event manager and host of the D-A-CH tour. After completing the festival in 2017, Carsten decided to spend more time with family and other projects. Nonetheless, Carsten continues to actively support as mentor and presenter at the North German shows.
Henning Tratz
Henning TratzData Manager
The master of the data … Hundreds of gigabytes move through Henning’s cables year after year, so that all the cinemas get timely and checksum-exact movies. RISE is reknown for its super high quality films and Henning plays a big part in that. Incidentally, he helps us with a variety of digital media, part of his job at