RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival

.....delivering the best in fly fishing entertainment to an international audience since 2006....

Since the very first show in Christchurch in 2006, RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival has been entertaining fly fishermen across the globe on an annual basis.

From these humble beginings RISE has grown organically, thanks mainly to the enthusiasm of our extensive global network of associates. Over the last six years the festival has blossomed into one of the premier events on the international fly fishing calendar. Annually playing 60 plus shows in 15 countries, spanning 2 continents and screening in 5 languages - RISE is the most extensive international festival of its kind.

RISE will continue to grow sustainably, with passion and dedication, to deliver quality fly fishing entertainment to our chosen markets. We are also excited about our developing program to provide multi-language 3D content for our 2013 tour.

The hub of the film festival is the website (www.flyfishingfilmfestival.eu), where teasers, information, tickets and weblogs keep festival goers engaged. The website features 4 languages, increasing to 8 by late 2011. The RISE social network is extensive, with a multitude of pages on facebook dedicated to each section of the festival tour, as well as regular tweets from the crew 'on the road' and 'behind the scenes'.

The next leg of RISE Europe will begin in February 2012 and continue until April 2012, playing 32 shows across 14 countries in 5 languages. Take this opportunity to see the best in fly fishing entertainment in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France.

Corporate Information

Gin-Clear Media is based in Te Anau, New Zealand and is a multi-media company whose enterprises include leading feature films, websites, events and exhibitions. RISE is Gin-Clear Media's 6th annual film festival, adding to its increasingly important influence in the fly fishing film genre.

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