Munich Show Announced

It is exciting for us to announce that we will be playing a RISE Film Festival in the Munich area. The show will be held in conjunction with the EWF event (Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen) which is one of the most popular and respected fly fairs in Europe. RISE will be the official film event of the EWF in 2011 and in the long term.
The screening will take place on Saturday 9th April which is the halfway mark of the EWF event and should represent the peak in attendance. The films will be screened in HD at the Kleiner Saal which is situated inside the F├╝rstenfeld Exhibition Center. The festival will commence at 20.00H which should leave the perfect amount of time for people to get some dinner after the EWF and then make their way to the film show.
Tickets are on sale via the website – please click here
RISE and the EWF

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